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    Server Manager Application by MuDaK

    Member Name: MuDaK

    In-Game Nick: L|S # MuDaK

    SteamID/ValveID: STEAM_0:1:3149400

    Age: 15

    Country: Palestine.

    Please select any languages you speak fluently.:

    Timezone: GMT+3

    Time spent in our community: not too long

    Do you have any past experience as a member of management?: Yes

    Server you are interested in managing?: -L|S- CSO ZOMBIE PLAGUE

    How would you increase server traffic?: by inviting friends, making giveaways etc...

    What are your intentions as Server Manager?: helping the new players, do ban checks for trial admins. and check their activity if they wasn't active enough I can warn/demote them

    What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?: I'm an old zp player and I'm very active there so why not

    Any comments/questions/feedback?: No

    IP Address:

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    Accepted :P


    psst lgk noone likes you

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