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Thread: Jailbreak Rules

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    Jailbreak Rules

    Official JailBreak Rules

    -L|S- Jailbreak Information:

    JailBreak is a funny mode for CS 1.6 Servers which acts out a real Jail with almost all it's details.
    Counter-Terrorists play the role as the Guards and the Terrorists play the role as the Prisoners.


    Counter-Terrorists (Guards):

    To join the CT team (Guards) you must have a functional microphone and Command the Prisoners through using it (Warning : Your microphone mustn't be creepy/bad/disarray or you may be transfered back to the prisoners team) .
    You will need teamwork to win , never leave the Commander alone when you're the with the Guards team , the Prisoners will always try to Rebel so remain with the Commander all the time to protect and help him calling a successful day , if you don't , you may be kicked or transfered back to the priosners team by an admin.
    You are a prison guard, it is your job to maintain the prison security, and look after the Prisoners , if you unfairly kill one of them (FreeKill) , the Unfairly killed prisoner may get a Freeday next round , if you Freekilled the prisoner on purpose you may be kicked or ctbanned if you remained freekilling the prisoners without any reason.
    You must herd them around the prison and give them activities to do.
    You must warnshoot the Prisoners before killing them unless they are "Rebellers" and should be killed on sight without warning.

    Terrorists (Prisoners):

    You are a prisoner, and have no rights, you MUST do whatever the Commander says , you may start a rebel if you want , but you must accept the punishment from them if they catched you because you accepted to start the Rebel.
    Your goal is to kill the Guards or win the Round by following orders.
    If you injure or kill a CT you will be marked as a "rebeler" for the Guards and they may kill you if they found out that you were the

    Rules applying directly to Guards:

    • Gaurds Need To Countdown from 5 to 0 For their Commands Exceptions : First Command , Direct Commands such as [All Terrorist FREEZE]

      Examples: All Terrorist Line up Behind each Other In the middle of the Cage 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 , 0 ..

    • Gaurds Are not allowed to call Stupid days such as , All Terrorist today is Cell day stay in ur cells etc....

    • Gaurds Who Freekills More than 3 Terrorist Must Start [MFK] Mass Free Kill The Next Day.

    • You are not allowed to give a gun to Terrorists (GunPlanting) to kill them with the reason they have guns , however, you may give a gun for a prisoner to kill a random player who joined CT without knowing the rules or joined without having a functional microphonewhen there's no admins ofcourse.

    • If You caught a Prisoner inside the vents or outside the cells before opening the cells you have the permission to kill him!

    • Guards are not allowed to break any vents.

    • If You saw a prisoner holding or using the following weapons or items from the shop, you are allowed to kill him!
      • Bazooka
      • Z-Awp
      • Deagle
      • Suicide Bomb
      • Invisibility
      • Shield
      • Noclip

    • You are not allowed to camp in the Gun Room of the map unless it was a freeday.

    • If You are the commander, you have 30 seconds to call otherwise it will be a freeday.

    • Do not cause your team mates death on purpose by using the Cage buttons or Cells or any kind of buttons (unless it was because of that a player joined with no mic/doesn't know the rules...etc) , this is a bannable offence.

    • Gaurds Can Not Taunt Prisoners , Taunting The Prisoners Can get u killed Without Punishing the Prisoners You must stay away from the Knife Range [5-3 steps away] From the Prisoners

    Rules applying directly to Prisoners:

    • If a Guard ordered you to do something, you must do it, telling them "no", playing dumb, talking back..etc, may result in you being killed because that's considered as Rebelling.

    • If a Guard Caught a Prisoner inside the vents or out side the cells before the cells are actually opened the Guard has the permission to kill him!. Exceptions If the Vent is not visible Gaurds are not allowed to break vents unless it is Visible and can see the prisoners inside it.

    • You cannot be ordered to do something that will harm or kill you , if it was safe and you mistaked doing something , it's none of the Guards responsibilty.

    • You cannot be ordered to kill a Guard unless it was a random player who joined with no microphone , doesn't know the rules ...etc.

    • You cannot be ordered to do something you physically cannot do , if you claimed that to delay the day , you may be slayed by an admin.
    • Team killing is Allowed In All days Exceptions Using Buttons To Kill ur Teammate [ Using Buttons / Cage buttons Or any Kind of Buttons to kill ur teammates is Completely Prohibited.]
    • Gaurds Who Taunt Prisoners Are Allowed to be Killed Without the Prisoner Getting Punished Exceptions : Gaurds Left Taunting Area Which is the Knife range [5-3 Steps Away] between the Prisoner and the Gaurd

    Rules that apply to all:

    • any kind of blocking is forbidden.

    • No Ghosting (telling the guard about the Prisoner spot by using the chat or steam chat , etc), unless it was a special day!

    • Admin's word is law, these rules are to be enforced at their discretion , the admins know more than the players , do whatever they say.

    • Do not spam music, sound effects, voice or anything else unless you were the Commander and your
      command contains these actions.

    • Do not spray pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material.

    • Do not advertise servers, websites or other communities.

    • English only via chat or mic.

    • Cheating will result in a permanent ban.

    • Racism/Nazism is not allowed.

    • Swearing is not allowed.

    • Do not Spam the Chat.

    • Do not insult our Admins or Players.

    • Attempting to crash one of our servers will be punished with a permanent ban.

    • Its not allowed to pretend that you are an admin or w/e if you aren't one.


    You Can Have your own gang skins.
    Gangster skins are buy-able while the creation of the gang only.
    You Can Also Upgrade Skills Levels by Buying them from the Shop [HP ,Stamina & More]

    Admins & Server Commands:

    jb_freeday_menu // Shows the admin the freeday menu.
    +paint // Start painting // To make a bind Type this in ur console bind "key" "+paint"

    Say Commands :-

    say /set <noclip/armor/godmode/gravity/hp/health> <@a/@c/@t/#userid/name> <amount>
    say (/transfer||/trans) <@a/@c/@t/playerID/playerNAME> <@c/@t/@s>
    say /revive <@a/@c/@s/@s/@ad - revive all dead players/@aa revive all alive players/etc..>
    say /donate <name> <amount> // donate user an amount of money!
    say /cash <player> // check user/player money.
    say /set <button/cells> // aim on the cells button inorder to specified the cells button.
    say /eday // ADMIN access, end a playing day!
    say /eduel // ADMIN access, end a playing duel!
    say /lr // for last prisoner alive only
    say /day /// admins only to start a fun day...
    say /vd // start a votedays event
    say /donate <name> <cash> // donate client cash/money...
    say /class // change your class...
    say /open // open or close the cells.
    say /close // to close the cells.
    say /command, command, !command // be or leave the commanding of the guards team AKA Warden!.
    say /cd <1-15> // to start a count down... ( For Commander )
    say /cam // to change the view camera

    If You Abuse Any Of the Commands Above That Might Lead to Admin Suspension.

    Lost Souls Community
    Copying this content is forbidden without a public permission from the Lost Souls Community Owners & Leaders.
    Regards , LS Management

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    Guards Rules , Prisoners Rules , Added Extra Commands Features
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