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    Cool Dust2 24/7 Rules

    Official Dust2 Rules

    Players Rules:

    - Cheating will result in a permanent ban.
    - Disrespecting/Insulting isn't allowed.
    - Swearing is not allowed.
    - Do not Spam the Chat.
    - Do not insult our Admins or Players.
    - Do not spam music, sound effects, voice or anything else.
    - Do not spray pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material.
    - Do not advertise servers, websites or other communities.
    -Terrorists should do the objective and try to plant the bomb before 1:30 passed, that means they are not allowed to camp in their spawn area, Admins should give them a warning.. If warning didn't help well, then slap/slay/kick them out.

    Admin Rules:

    - You should record a demo for the cheater before you ban him.
    - Banning anyone without any proofs will give him an auto unban.
    - You're not allowed to disrespect any Player/Admin inside the server, whatever way it was (Chat/Admin Chat/Mic).
    - You should respect everyone and take care of the server.
    - You should keep an eye so server won't have any cheater.
    - You should never ignore any player inside the server, if he was spamming then gag/kick/ban him.
    - Being admin doesn't allow you to insult or say whatever you want, will result you a demote.

    Regards, Lost Souls Management.

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