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    Store And Team Roster!

    Today, We introduce everyone to the new Team Roster and the Store!

    The Team Roster. It is a nice edition to our forums. It allows registered users to view the LostSouls Team!
    The Roster automatically updates it self when a new user is added to the Team!

    And then the next big update to our forums!

    The Store!
    The Store is available to the users of our community. It allows the user to purchase things like ZombiePlague AmmoPacks, DeathMatch points, Admin levels, VIP and more! The Store will be updated if a new server comes to light.
    You also might notice, that the store has a Points System, You can get points by being active in the forums, posting, and creating threads.
    The points allow active people in the forums to get stuff for free in the Store.

    With the points system, We will be doing lotteries! (15 Points per post and 20 Points per Thread!)

    The lotteries will have a small fee of 25 points for this month and the next month we will raise the price to 50 points.
    The lotteries will be completely automated and there is no way to "rig" the lottery.
    Each month we will have a 5000 Point Lottery, and only 4 players will be able to win the prize!

    This does not mean there wont be more different giveaways or contests. There will be more giveaways randomly scattered around.
    If there is a giveaway/lottery/contest, you will see an announcement or a notice with a link to the event.

    *Note* - If you spam threads/posts to gain points, you will be banned and your points will be reset to 0.

    Thanks for reading,
    Regards, Management.

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