-L|S- Member Rules

1. Follow Server Rules
• You are a normal player like all players on the servers, so follow the Server Rules

2. All -L|S- Members are allowed to wear their tag while playing on the server. Its completely at your own discretion.

3. No Publicity or Spam on our servers or OTHER servers.
• You represent a team of respect. Please be respectful or there will be consequences.
• We don't want this, because that can start a war with other "teams/clans/communities".
• If caught, we will have to take appropriate actions against the guilty.

4. Double clanning/Multi clanning is not allowed (e.g. member in -L|S- and member on another clan or admin on -L|S- and member in another clans), we expect loyalty from our members and not they splitting their time within -L|S- and other clans. The right thing to do in this case if you are double clanning is talk with a Staff, we will not remove your membership unless you want it, please don't hide it from us.

5. Respect all admins
• Admins are here for a reason, to uphold server integrity.
• Do not pester Admin+ for anything which is not necessary.
• If you talk rubbish to Admins, its completely your fault and don't come crying to us.

6. Do not start pointless threads/post useless information to try and get your post count up.

7. If you think you are a friend of a person of high rank so you will get what you want without any work or without following requirements [This is a very big mistake].

8. Don't Post on those Unban appeals that not related with you.