Greetings Lost-souls.

Today we will be taking a in-depth looking into vouching people for an position as Trial Admin/Admin
When giving your vouch to someone, you need to be professional about how you approach the person and their application.

Good Example(s):

Quote:Nico. I really like you. I think that one day you will be a good addition to the blue team. However, I do not feel you are ready yet. There are still times where you call the day improperly and are still not 100% comfortable with the rules. There are still many rules in which you ask questions about and are unsure of. It's good to ask questions and to make sure you know the rules, however, it's not good to see an admin unsure on how a rule functions. The last time I saw you calling a day, you were either counting down for things that you didn't have to count down for, such as freeze, or not counting down for things that you needed to count down for. If I had complete and total control over who got admin and who did not, I'm afraid I would not accept you. You haven't been with us for very long and you still have a lot to learn, as I'm sure other people have seen. Do you call fun days? Yes. Do you call those fun days properly? No. I've also seen you freak out on people who freekilled you and get pretty disrespectful towards them because of it. That is not a behavior that an admin should have. I think you need to be with us for longer. You're active and call more days, but if being active and calling days is all it took to be an admin, a majority of our server would be admin.
Always remember to give your reason why you are vouching as your opinion counts.

Please take note, if you don't provide a reason for your vouch then we will not count it when deciding the final verdict for that applicant.

You should only be giving negative vouches if:

  • If this person has been breaking rules
  • Doesn't meet the official requirements (unless he was told to apply)
  • The person is clearly beyond a doubt not fit for the role of an admin (always try to have evidence)


-Do not list your opinion on the person with things like bullet points, stars etc. Form sentences instead and possibly a paragraph. We expect professional responses from admins when vouching.

-Do not under any circumstances give people vouches or no vouches if you are clearly NOT an admin on that server. Leave that to the people who administrate that server as they may see the person see things do things you might not.

-Don't give a rude response or punishment will follow, just simply state why they have received a #No Vouch

Now here are some bad examples of vouches that I have seen happen that really shouldn't be happening:

Bad example(s):


  • Bought me CS 1.6
  • Is my brother from another mother
  • This is one example of one invalid reasoning for vouching but you get the idea.

Quote:#No Vouch

  • I don't like you
  • you just got unbanned so why are you applying now?
  • The person is letting personal opinion get in the way of decision making
  • It is not that persons job to say that he can't apply now since he just got unbanned, it is the Server Managers call.

Please take this guide into consideration when giving vouches and we hope you make the right choices for who you want as an admin

Lost-souls Management