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    Exclamation Banning Guide "Important"

    To prevent from wrong future bans i made this small guide which i recommend all admins to have a look at!

    Possible Reasons :
    NOTE : As an admin you need to spectate a player which you think is hacking and record a demo of him and always use the amxmodmenu to ban a player.

    Wallhack/Aimbot :
    You can spot a wallhacker easily by using the ADMIN ESP which show you the enemies through the walls while spectating someone. If the player that you are spectating is aiming/shooting directly to an enemy through walls several times he is most likely wallhacking and aimbot is easier to detect.

    Ban reason = WallHack/Aimbot (Permanent)

    Speedhack is a hack that gives you speed to go places at extremely fast speeds, no one can kill you, some can but mostly no one can, this is why its called a HACK, since its a cheat and not fair to everyone.

    Ban reason = Speedhack (Permanent)

    If you catch someone disrespecting a country or making offensive religious jokes/sexism etc, you can ban him. If he is disrespecting players, warn him first and if he continues please proceed to ban him

    Ban reason = Disrespect/Racism (20 minutes)

    Spamming is constantly repeating the same sentence over and over; it is also spamming with grenades to give a unfair advantage. Grief is ghosting like when you die and telling that person who is alive still where the rest of the enemy and camping is staying on this one spot throughout the whole round.

    Ban reason = Spam/Grief/Camping (5 Minutes)


    Lost-Souls Management Team!

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