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    Aplication Requirements

    *W A R N I N G*
    Please be aware if you fail to meet these requirements, then your application which ever server you are applying for will be denied.

    1. You need to be a Member for at least 5 Days to apply for a position.

    2. You must be active on the server you are applying for and be active on the forums.

    3. In order for your application to be accepted, you need support from Trial Admins/Admins+

    4. Do not bug or harass Trial Admins/Admins+ in any form or manner just to get them to view your application.

    5. You have to report at least 4-5 cheaters from the server you are applying for on the forums.

    6. Do not spam the Staff In Charge of the server you're applying to have a look at your application. (Will result in an automatic denial of your application)

    7. You must wait 1 week if your application is denied.
    • If you fail to abide by this rule, and you will have to wait another week (this may vary depending on severity)

    8. You must be able to read/speak/write fluent English.
    • We need Server Admins who can be able to communicate effectively with Members/Admins and players in game.
    • This also means not using an online translator to assist you.

    9. You can not apply for a position if you are currently admin on another server than L|S (double clanning).
    • We seek Members who will prioritize Lost-Souls over other communities.
    • We will not accept "Oh yeah I can split my time between both clans" for an answer.
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    Also if you are a Trial Admin, don't even think about applying for a higher rank before your trial is over.

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