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    Demo reviewer-Requirements

    1 You must have be an admin for at least 2 week to apply for demo reviewer.

    2 You must have at least 1 week of forum activity registered on your name.

    3You must be able to communicate and type english fluently.

    4 You should have a good ratio of dirty to clean bans with a wide range of hacks.

    5 You must have experience with bunny hop scripts (you will be tested on this if you aren't a Zombie Plague Admin)

    6 You need a Steam account to apply for a position, we don't accept non-steamers.

    7 You must have at least 400 hours on Counter Strike (Checked on your steam account(s)).
    You must be fully aware of how to analyse a demo with the use of tools such as fast forward, pause, rewind etc (This will be reflected in your ability on reports so I wouldn't skip this out if I were you).

    8 Should a mature level headed individual who has made a significant difference in the community one way or another.

    9 You must be able to give opinions on reports without it leading to any conflict.
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