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Thread: Votes usage.

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    Votes usage.

    I've been playing the ZP server for the past 2 days rather alot, and as lame as it is but i'm bothered by the amount of special rounds that been played, and what bothers me most is that out of like 10 special rounds, i see close to no votes?

    17) Admins are allowed to make 1 mode every 2 rounds.

    18) Admins are supposed to vote before starting a mode.

    Now i'm not gonna mention any admin names, i'm not here to bash anyone, I'm a very picky player when it comes to admin's moderation i know, but i wish if staff, or head admins or whoever have a place of power to enforce these rules.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ok , thanks for telling i dont know who doesnt do that way but i do when i play zp.
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