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    Big promotion for new zp!

    We should promote the new ZP in ALL of our servers. Since i know we have been making the new ZP with really hard work.
    So why not promote it? It can hopefully boost our servers a TON. If we can promote it enough. Maybe we will have like 1-3 members per day.

    1. Asking for FEEDBACK for what the community wants. So we can frequently update/fix the server.
    and we can also keep the server healthy with players or if they are actually enjoying it.

    2. COMMUNICATION, If there is a hacker on the server and there were no admins. It can easily make people leave.
    People Mostly Do Not Join due to 1-5 players as they feel like there were no players.
    We can make a post where it is easy to contact an admin and fix the situation.

    3. FUN. People like fun. right? not these really strict rules that when you speak with your broken mic. Your banned.
    It can make the person NEVER comeback. If we make events more often we can boost up player numbers with/without boosters.
    and generally have fun with the people.

    4. Maybe Some Small Point Giveaway that don't really change the game. ( i don't know the price of weapons)
    A small one like 10-40. That can keep them playing.

    If you like this 1 hour post. SMASH THAT LI... I'm just joking.
    Give suggestions and opinions in the comments

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    I love ur ideas
    I dont have any suggestions since I am not a classic Zombie Plague player(zod,lgk,sg,roz) cuz i am more like a versionized zombie plague player like zombie plague 4.3,7.2,6.2,5.3 cuz its rush to win
    Zombie Escape Legends Never Die
    Love The gameplay,Hate the rule breakers

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    Good ideas, can't wait to see you in new zp

    Farewell Amer. I will miss all the great times we had. You will be missed, brother.

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