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    How to identify any hacker? Tips are here.

    These tips for admins or people who want to become admin.

    1. Aimbot

    Easy to identify, but sometimes it can be a little bit harder. At first his aim (crosshair) will shake when he is shooting. Even if he is shooting in a wall, his aim will shake. Some players try to hide their aimbot by shooting one by one bullet. But still the main thing it is shaking aim .

    2. Wallhack

    Sometimes it is really hard to identify but still possible.

    Types of hackers below:

    - Player constantly looking through the walls and shooting through them.

    - Player constantly looking through the walls but doesn't shoot through the walls.

    - Player knows that there is an enemy but wait for his team go further

    - Player knows that there is an enemy but waiting for him. I mean he is waiting until that enemy will go somewhere or come to him by himself.

    - Player knows that there is an enemy and just go to another side without any visual contact with an enemy.

    - Player knows that there is an enemy and begins to walk by using SHIFT. It looks like he uses sounds but actually he already knows where his enemy and he is going to kill him.

    - Player knows that there is nobody and doesn't check any hidden spots. For example round just started. Player goes to B and by using wallhack he can see that nobody there. And he just goes through the B and didn't check any hidden spot.

    - Player can use wallhack just one time for the whole round. For example when round just started. Player has awp and wallhack also. He killed one guy in the middle by using wallhack. And then he can turn it off and play further. When I was 13-14 years old, one of my friends played like that. Yeah, that was pretty smart. How did I know it? He said this trick to me

    - Player knows that there is an enemy behind box and begins to shoot in every box/wall and it looks like he is checking every spot. But actually he already knows where his enemy and he just tries to hide his wallhack.

    - Sometimes you can see a player who wants throw a grenade but then he immediately changes his plans and go further with his weapon (ak,mk,awp, etc.). Or he can runs with a grenade and doesn't throw it until he will see through the wall any of his enemies.

    If you see any player who repeats what I wrote above then check him. Because he might use wallhack or aimbot. But he also can be clear. Maybe he is just a good player who uses his skills/reaction/sounds and etc.

    And please be sure that player uses hacks. To be sure in it you should record his playing at least 2-3 rounds. If he repeats what he does then okay, ban him.

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    Thanks for making this!
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